On Renting A automobile In Phoenix From a girl In Oklahoma town

Rental Mobil Pekanbaru, On a recent trip to Arizona, I rented a automobile at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport… from a girl in Oklahoma town. The implications of this for the long run of labor and leisure are intriguing.

For those of you who haven’t had an expertise of this sort, let me tell you ways it works.

After queuing at the rental counter, a Hertz employee steered me toward an installation with a phonephone receiver and a video screen. the dimensions and form of the installation were just like a stand-up video game like Pac-Man. As I picked up the phone a girl appeared on screen and greeted me warmly.

From there we tend to went through the same old rigamarole when renting a automobile. Did i would like further insurance? Did i would like Hertz to stock up the gas tank after I came the automobile or would I? And therefore on.

At one purpose I asked the woman: “so, where are you exactly?”

“Oklahoma town,” she said.

“Go Thunder!” I replied, and he or she beamed.

She had me scan my driver’s license underneath a laser card reader and shortly thereafter the video terminal printed my contract. She told me where to travel to induce my automobile and with that i used to be off.

This was a terrific example of technology disrupting previous ways that of doing business. It’s simple to imagine a close to future with a rental automobile counter staffed not by a dozen staff, however perhaps by one employee and a dozen of those terminals.

The employees who facilitate customers rent the automobile might be in Oklahoma town or another faraway locale where labor prices are abundant lower (and, governors take note, in right-to-work states).

And those staff may rent cars to individuals in numerous completely different locations, in dozens of various time zones.

Phoenix encompasses a polyglot population. And whereas I’m certain the Hertz at Sky Harbor airport hires staff who speak Spanish to service the state’s giant Hispanic population, it doesn’t create economic sense to justify hiring staff who speak, say, Hmong, or Farsi, or French, or Chinese, although they sometimes get customers with restricted English who speak those languages.

But it’s simple to check Hertz world hiring a number of staff who speak alternative languages and have them service their shoppers worldwide using fashionable telecommunications technology.

It’s additionally simple to envision alternative service industries adopting these technologies. Imagine checking into a hotel in big apple at three a.m. however the desk clerk is in West Africa and it’s eight a.m. her time.

Or imagine a consultation with a doctor who will see you, even look down your throat and acquire a way of how you’re doing, even print out a prescription for you, however he’s sitting halfway round the world.

Of course, corporations are locating decision centers in areas of the country and also the world where labor prices are low. The addition of real-time, prime quality, two-way video technology unveil new vistas and can modification the character of labor for several.

Far-sighted policymakers would be wise to contemplate the means during which an abundance of connectivity and bandwidth can modification the character of labor and leisure for everybody. they’d equally be wise to face aside to envision where these exciting changes take us. The role for policy is to confirm that the incentives for innovation, experimentation, and – most significantly – risk capital and investment are as sturdy as doable.


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