MYR announces rental automotive, republic parking changes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The terminal growth project can bring noticeable changes to travelers within the Myrtle Beach International Airport starting on Monday.

As a part of the terminal capability enhancement project, customers for rental cars can currently take a shuttle to the latest “Ready/Return” automobile parking space, and from there be ready to either exit the airport or circle back around to choose up the remainder of their party.

In the current terminal building, the automotive rental service counters are located within the baggage claim space. a replacement Rental automotive Facility is scheduled to open in September.

“It’s a part of this evolution of moving over there. thus if you come back in the week, you are going to travel, you are going to examine in, get your contract, get your keys, and then the shuttle bus can come back and acquire you and truly take you to your automotive,” explained Morris.

In addition to the rental automotive parking changes, Myrtle Beach International spokesperson Lauren Morris announced another amendment for Grand Strand travelers. The Republic Parking space currently has an enhanced mastercard reader at the new Toll Plaza, permitting customers to exit the long run parking facility by employing a mastercard.

There will be no attendant on duty, Morris said, and money customers can still be needed to pay at the parking booth within the most terminal building.

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