Jumping horses for the Queen

Sewa Mobil Pekanbaru, This year marks Queen Elizabeth II, her accession to the throne 60 years ago. You will be in honor of the “Diamond Jubilee Pageant” was held. In the procession to the Diamond Jubilum customers and collectors of Ferrari Fahzeugen with their models on the grounds of Windsor Castle parade. Then the Luxury Karrossen be issued over the course of the event away.

Carrabinieri also at anniversary celebration
In addition to old and new Ferrari models also has the 4th Cavalry Regiment of the Carabinieri’s appearance. At the ceremony the troops presented the “Historical Karrussell”. The show includes equestrian quadrilles and choreography, in which riders and horses put their skills and agility to the test. The “Diamond Jubilee Pageant” held from 10 to 13 Of May. At the final event on the third day and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, Italy, on the celebration of the Queen is represented.

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